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Artillery for the Land Service of the United States 
1849 - 1865 Civil War Era
Information and plans on building a Civil War Caisson, Cannons, Limbers and more.

  These books contain to the maximum extent as possible, the original texts, tables and drawings in the original form from the Ordnance Department or US Navy drawings and reproduced for your use. There is extensive information on these carriages as found from Congressional Records, and technological references from the Civil War era. There is more than enough information for a person knowledgeable in cannon or artillery to construct a full size cannon or model. Here is a list of other guns and carriages.

All books are printed on an 11" x 17" format and bound. S/h is $16 to US addresses. Orders may be combined with other books or plans to save on shipping costs. No online ordering at this time.

#12 cannon No.12 Artillery for the Land Service of the United States Six Civil War Cannon on a No. 1 Field Carriage (Two Versions shown) [10 pdr. Parrott Rifle, 3 in Ordnance Rifle, 6 pdr. gun, 12 pdr. Field How., Rifled 6 pdr. Gun, 3 in Parrott Rifle.] 120 pages



No. 20 US 12 Pdr. Gun - Model 1857 Napoleon - 120 pages, soft cover.

This includes the details on Ordnances, Carriage, Irons, Wheel & Axle, Bolts, nails and paint for this field gun carriage and limber.



No. 21 Field Artillery Limber - Civil War Field Gun Limber used with all Field Carriages. 112 pages. You may want to order this with the Cannon plans.


No62-Caisson  No. 62 Civil War Field Artillery Caisson - 65 pages soft cover. Details on the Caisson including the wood work, irons, bolts,  rivets, mails. Complete details,  measurements, drawings and dimensions.


supply-wagon No. 75 Civil War US Army six mule Supply Wagon Model 1857  US Quartermaster Dept & US Ordnance Dept.
130 pages soft cover.


There are other Ordnance Publications I can get - Click Here for the list.


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