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Two limited edition prints

Wheels-won-west Wheels That Won the West This Limited Edition print is 26" x 39", impressively sized and highlighted by rare imagery from the 1870's and 1880's. Printed on acid-free, 100lb cover stock. A Certificate of Authenticity is also included. This is copyrighted and reproduction of any kind is not allowed without written permission from the copyright holder. The print you buy will not have the diagonal watermark.

$88.00   $12 shipping/handling to USA addresses. Please inquire about postage to other countries.

Making-tracks Making Tracks - Forging the West  This is the Second-In-A-Series of western vehicle prints. The piece includes a central "call-out" section identifying wagon nomenclature and unique design features typical of the wheels of the old west. It also includes vintage illustrations and photos from the 1870's through the early 1900's showing equipment used to build these old wheels. It is placed on an old paper-type background with folds, stains, spots, and tears printed to give it an even stronger feel of authenticity. There was a huge 4' x 8' version of it at the National Championship Chuckwagon Races in September. Approximate size is 23" x 37" printed on heavy, acid-free 100 lb cover stock with UV inhibiting inks. No Certificate is offered. This is copyrighted and reproduction of any kind is not allowed without written permission from the copyright holder.

+  $12 shipping/handling to USA addresses. Please inquire about postage to other countries.
Save Money! Order both prints for $170 shipped in one tube for $16 s/h
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A note from the publisher:

     "In all my research for the series of volumes on the major wagon makers it became extremely clear that, perhaps more than any other single icon, the rugged imagery of a nostalgic wooden wagon has come to symbolize the spirited heritage of the American West. Incredibly, these vintage vehicles are the only area of the Old West that has yet to be thoroughly explored. As you're well aware, traditionally, a great deal of attention has been focused on the cowboys, cattle drives, weapons, Native Americans, gold strikes, and even the homesteaders of the Old West. But, amazingly, little comprehensive information exists on the individual makers that literally drove the western progress and expansion of our country. Part of the reason seems to be the extensive size of this industry (there were tens of thousands of makers). The scarcity of surviving records has also played a role in keeping most information generalized and non-specific.
     With a goal of assembling many of the most dominant pioneering brands, we have recently completed a unique art print showcasing many of America's earliest western vehicle makers, this limited edition print features rare illustrations from archived engravings and original lithographs. The makers shown are among the most legendary builders of farm, freight, ranch, and military wagons. During the 1800's, they built a transportation empire while outfitting the gold strikes, military campaigns, pioneer travelers, homesteaders, freight haulers, railroads, and cattle industry.  They competed fiercely, took on the harshest environments and carried the hopes, dreams, and unquenchable spirit of an emerging nation. They were America’s first all-terrain-vehicles. Ultimately, they were... the 'Wheels That Won The West'. "


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