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John Thompson plans page 2

   These are the English style farm or work wagons and carts. Many of these plans are suitable for building a full size vehicle or they work great for models. Most of the photos or drawings below were taken from John Thompson's catalog The Carriage And Waggon Handbook which is still available for $12. 
   I only have one copy of some plans on hand but on others I have many sets. I can still get all of these plans and a few more but it may take a couple weeks to get them in stock.  S/h is $8
Part number and scale Vehicle Description Price
JT1A - 1/8th Barge-waggon Barge Waggon, typical barge waggon but extensively decorated. Shaft details are included. $24
JT1B - 1/12th See above Barge Waggon $15
JT C4B - 10th black-white-dray Black & White Dray, a typical wagon for delivering boxes of whisky. This design is a variation of the basic dray. 4 sheets  $24
JT58A - 1/10th Boer-Tred-Waggon Boer Trek Waggon. This South African vehicle is an interesting contrast to the Prairie Schooner. Although used at the same time for migration it has more of an old European design. The sides and front dismantle from the body. 3 standard sheets. $22
JT47A 1/10th Carlsber-dray Carlsberg Dray - in both Denmark and Canada used these for their beer wagons which are larger than the English type of dray. 3 standard sheets $22
JT68A 1/8th Costermongers Barrow the type seen on street corners and in markets. $12
JT19A - 1/8th Cotswold-cart Cotswold Harvest Cart  or Harvest Wain The design originated in Scotland in the early 1800s. $22
JT22a - 1/8th Courage-Brewers-Dray Courage Brewers Dray, this can be fitted with shafts for a single draft horse or a pole for a pair. Details of all the fittings including the barrels are shown. 6 standard sheets $38
JT46A - 1/8th Danish Farm Waggon a continental style with a "V" shape body, heavy dished wheels to clear the sides. This wagon was in Denmark. 2 standard sheets. $15
JT17B - 1/12th Devon Waggon. Typical of the box waggons. It has rope rollers and provision for harvest ladders. 3 sheets $22
JT35A - 1/8th Devon Harvest Trolley. Economical farm waggon. This is a smaller type typical of Devon farms. There are rope rollers on the rear for securing the bulky loads. 3 sheets $22
JT20B - 1/12th

East-Anglian Waggon of 1850. This massive vehicle has high paneled sides and a heavy waisted frame. Both the large rear and smaller front wheels are straked and have wooden axles. There are fittings for double shafts and a carrier's seat so it would have been used for a road waggon as well as for farm duties. 5 sheets. $25
JT6b 1/12th Essex Waggon. A heavy waggon with massive curved timbers in the under-frame to give the waisted sides. It has plank sides with wooden strouters and is fitted with harvest ladders, a dog-stick and a drug shoe. 2 large sheets. $15
JTV15 Farmer's Float, A well built crank axle cart with curved side panels and a low slung body that is capable of standing up to hard wear. There is a seat for two and plenty of space behind and below for goods. $20
JT33A - 1/8th Forest of Dean Waggon. A smaller British wagon used by farmers and miners to haul coal and hay. 2 standard sheets. $24
JTV16 - 1/8th General Purpose Trolley or Flat Lurry or also know as a Heavy Duty Dray was used around the docks and railway yards to carry up to four tons of weight. 3 large sheets $33
JT38A - 1/8th Glamorgan Waggon - an elegant waggon used for farm work and to take the family to church. This looks like it has shafts for a single horse. 4 standard sheets. $28
JT10A - 1/8th

Hampshire Waggon. An elaborate waggon with unusual undercarriage and double shafts. Either double or single shafts can be fitted. 2 large sheets. I am putting in the drawing and photo because they each show different details. $24
JT13A - 1/8th Hermaphrodite This unusual vehicle consists of a two-wheel cart with an extra pair of wheels and fore-carriage which could be added to convert to a four-wheel vehicle when a larger carrying platform was needed at harvest time. Body would be 6'6" or 13' extended. 2 Large sheets. $24
JT64B - 1/12th Lincolnshire Waggon this one resembles the Dutch vehicle and the American Conestoga but has some interesting variations. 4 smaller sheets $16
JT41A- 1/8th Milk Float, Detail of the churns, jugs and other fitting are given. 4 standard sheets $27
JT41B - 1/12th See above Milk Float, 4 smaller sheets. $16
JT7A - 1/8th Monmouthshire Farm Waggon. A traditional Welsh style waggon used with one horse. Body length in 1/8th scale is 14 inches. No springs on this wagon makes it a good first model to build. 5 standard sheets $33
JT7B - 1/12th See above Monmouthshire Farm Waggon. Body length in 1/12th scale is 9 1/2 inches. 5 smaller sheets $20
JT66A - 1/8th Northamptonshire Waggon, one of the finest English farm wagons. 5 sheets. $34
JT36A - 1/8th Northumberland Harvest Cart A large cart with open spindled sides and curved rails. 3 standard sheets $22
JT18A - 1/8th Oxfordshire Waggon a typical 1830's English farm wagon. 4 standard sheets $30
JT18B - 1/12th See above Oxfordshire Waggon. 1/12th scale 4 smaller sheets $21
Plows - I have several English style plows - See Page 3
JT15A - 1/8th Sussex Hop Waggon or Tug. The high ladders in front and back allow sacks of hops to be loaded as tall as it is long. The large wheels were 6 inches wide with a hoop tyre and a row of strakes. 2 large sheets $24
JT15B - 1/12th See above Sussex Hop Waggon 2 smaller sheets $15
JT12A - 1/8th Surrey Dung Cart, a typical village made dung cart. 1 large sheet $12
JT4A -1/12th Timber Bob - Large - this one has wheels over 8 feet in diameter. 3 smaller sheets $10
JT5A - 1/8th Timber Bob - Medium - over all diameter of each wheel is 6' 1 " - 14 spoke, Tyres are 4" wide. One large sheet $10
JT8A - 1/8th Timber Bob - Straked Wheels. The wheels were shod with a double row of strakes on 6 inch felloes.  Wheels are 5' 10" in diameter, 14 spoke. 1 standard sheet. $10
JT16A - 1/8th Timber Carriage a 4 wheel pole wagon used to transport the logs to sawmill. The load could be 10 tons or more, so a team of 5 horses was sometimes used, one in the shafts and two pairs in trace harness in front. Length of wagon would be about 15 feet.  3 standard sheets. $22
JT16B - 1/12th See above Timber Carriage same as above $12
JT67A - 1/8th Wheelbarrow, although it looks simple balance and durability is important. $12
JT3a 1/8th Wiltshire Dung Cart  1/8th scale $13
JT3B - 1/12th See above Wiltshire Dung Cart - 1/12th scale 1 page $10
JT40a - 1/8th Yorkshire Waggon a simple and robust wagon. Shafts are fitted but a pole could be used. 4 large sheets $28
JT40B - 1/12th See above Yorkshire Waggon 4 smaller sheets $16
  Shipping and Handling is $8 first set and $2 each additional to US addresses.
I maill all over the world but the s/h will be more - email for prices.
More John Thompson Plans page 1
More John Thompson Plans -  ploughs page 3

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