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John Thompson Plans page 1

  This page has a wide variety of plans for building carriages, buggies, carts and wagons. Most of the plans below were taken from the trade publication to build a full size vehicle but some were intended for model makers. The larger scale of 1/8th would be better for full size vehicles. S/h is $8 to USA addresses. Foreign orders will be more.

 To decide whether the plans are for full size vehicles or models refer to the guide below.
bullet"JTV"- refers to the Voisey Collection. These plans are very well suited for the model maker. While it would be a good guide line for someone building a full size vehicle, you must know that was not the intent of these plans. 
bullet"JTMC" refers to Master Carriage Builder - these plans were originally drawn for the professional builders so you will need some knowledge of the subject if you choose to work from them. They would be suitable for full sized vehicles and for models.
bulletA number following the "JT" refers to the Fieldway series. These are scale drawing for actual full sized vehicles. The model maker would also enjoy these plans.

  S/h for one set of plans is $8 and $2 for each additional set of plans to the same USA address.

Order # & Scale

Click on the photos  for a larger view

Description Price
JTM5 - 1/12th stagecoach   American Concord Coach  2 large sheets. These have a few full size measurements but would be more suitable for a model. See Ivan Collin's page and Wagonmaster for more stagecoach plans. $34.00
JT60A 1/8th Australian-cobb Australian Cobb & Co The Cobb & Co stage lines carried the Royal mail into the outback. The suspension on leather helped the coaches on the rough roads. 3 large sheets. $35.00
JT50A 1/8th Australian-coach Australian Concord Coach  Similar in design to the US Mud Wagon. The leather thoroughbrace replaced steel springs for a smoother ride. 4 standard sheets Body is 10 Ft long $30.00
JT56a - 1/8th Bakers-cart Bakers Cart This particular model was painted dark blue with mahogany louvers and brass fittings. 2 standard sheets $12.00
Jt56b -1/12th (See photo above) Bakers Cart  2 small sheets $7.00
JTV14 - 1/8th Bent Panel Car   A type of dog cart. The tops of the sides curve outwards to serve as a mudguard and a well in front to protect the feet. False louvers on the side, very sporty 2 large sheets. $20.00
JTMC13 -1/12th Bent Panel Gig The curved upper sides were first published in 1891 and became the most popular form of gig. Suitable for a 14.2 hand cob. 4 smaller sheets. $12.00
JT32a - 1/8th Bow Top Caravan or Open Lot This is a Romany gypsy caravan. Probably the simplest caravan to build. 7 standard sheets $35.00
JT32b - 1/12th (see photo above) Bow Top Caravan   7 smaller sheets $22.00
JT62A - 1/8th bradford-cart Bradford Cart a typical Gypsy vehicle with decorative painting and a good size for a pony or Vanner. 2 standard sheets. This photo is of a completed cart built by Christopher Nestor of Zaneville Manor farm. $17.00
JTMC5 - 1/8th Brougham This is a square or extension front brougham that will seat four inside and pulled by a single horse. 4 standard sheets.  For more information see the book "Horse Drawn Carriage Construction. $21.00 $22.00
JT48a - 1/8th Brush Wagon Although this is not necessarily a gypsy caravan, it would be a good one for a traveling vendor.  Has door in the rear for easy access to goods.  Used for lighter weight goods. 10 standard sheets. $42.00
JT65a - 1/8th buckboard Buckboard This is probably the most popular vehicle for people to build. It is simple in design and very typical of the American west. 5 small sheets. The picture shown is from the plans. $14.00
JTMC1 - 1/8th Canoe Landau This is a light one horse landau. A little complicated but very elegant. 4 standard sheets. $22.00
JTMC7  1/12th char-a-banc Char-A-Banc 5 sheets.  a typical early "tourist break" a model would be 15" long. The full size vehicle would seat up to approx 25 people including the driver's seat. $21.00
JT61a - 1/8th Chuck-wagon Chuck Wagon These were used on the cattle drives for  the cook to prepare food for the cowboys. It is a typical covered wagon with the chuck box for supplies and utensils. 3 standard sheets. $21.00
JT61b 1/12th (see picture above) Chuck Wagon3 smaller sheets. $15.00
JT30a - 1/8th Conestoga This is the covered wagon that was used to travel west in early America. 3 large sheets $31.00
JT30b - 1/12th (see picture above) Conestoga 3 smaller sheets $22.00
JTM1 - 1/16th Coronation Coach The plans were drawn during the Coronation in 1953. The model is 1/16th scale to finish at 15 inches long. The scale drawings are printed on a 36" by 54"  paper and has twelve pages of detailed building instructions on 8 1/2" by 11 inch paper plus one color sheet of a part of the vehicle.


JT43a-1/8th Curtain-Rockaway  Curtain Rockaway This American vehicle has curtains and was painted green and black with red wheels and gear. The photo is of a model but the plans were taken from the full size vehicle to show the style. 3 standard sheets. $22.00
JT43b 1/12th (see picture above) Curtain Rockaway 3 smaller sheets $12.00
JTMC24 - 1/12th Curricle Driven with 2 horses abreast which is knows as a curricle team. Cabriolet springs & rumble seat for groom. Popular in the early 1800's.  5 sheets $18.00
JTMC18 - 1/12th Deep Cab Buggy This unusual vehicle has a removable dickey seat. The inside seat has a screw adjustment similar to the dog cart, to retain balance. Suitable for a large horse. 3 smaller sheets. $13.00
JTMC20 - 1/12th Demi-Mail Phaeton An aristocrat among sporting carriages intended for use with at least two large horses. A folding hood can protect the driver and passenger but the dickey seat remains exposed.  Mail springs at the front, Stanhope at the rear , thus "Demi" mail. 5 smaller sheets. $16.00
JTMC12 - 1/12th Dennett Gig A lighter gig than a Stanhope and suited for fast driving, circa 1891. Fits a 15.2 hand horse. 4 smaller sheets. $16.00
JTMC8 - 1/12th Dog Cart A traditional style from 1895 with back to back seats and ventilated body to carry the dogs. This can be driven with a large single horse or in tandem. 4 smaller sheets. $12.00
JTV3a - 10th English Road Coach  Great detail also shows the interior seats and brakes. 2 larger sheets. For the model maker you can also order a set of 80 brass etched parts JTV3d for $40.00 $33.00
JT2a - 1/8th Farm Tip Cart A typical farm cart. The tailboard hinges and lifts off, the extension board fit above the sides for bulky loads and the whole body tips. $26.00
JT2b  - 1/12th (See above) Farm Tip Cart in 1/12th scale $16.00
JTV10a 9 lb Field gun

JTV10b Limber

JTV10c Ammo Wagon

Field Gun, Limber and Ammunition waggon If you click on the photo you should be able to read all about this. It was used by both the British and US Army in the second half of the nineteenth Century. Click here to see a model of these plans.

Also see books and plans on building original Civil War field gun, limber and Caisson.




all 3 for $50

JTV17 - 1/10th scale Four-wheel-delivery-van Four Wheeled Delivery Van for a pair of horses. Popular vehicle for delivers to shops. It has front and rear doors and can be fitted with shelves. It would have only held 2 ton. 1/10th scale.  4 large sheets. $38.00
JT52A 1/8th Garden Seat Omnibus or Horse Bus This is the model from the same vehicle as pictured below. The 1/8th scale plans are on 9 standard sheets. $42.00
JT52B 1/12th Garden Seat Omnibus 1/12th scale The photo to the left is the same vehicle - it is just a photo instead of the model made from the plans. 9 smaller sheets. $35.00
JTV9a - 1/6th Governess Cart A spindle side cart drawn on a larger scale. 1 large sheet. This is a photo of a Spindle cart made with these plans - with a little modification. $20.00
JT31a - 1/8th Governess Cart Edwardian era, rear door and sideways seats. A great cart for a pony.


JT39a - 1/8th Hansom Cab A very elegant two wheel vehicle. A little difficult to build whether full size or as a model because of its complex structure with the curves and angles. 3 standard sheets. $18.00
JT39b - 1/12th (See above) Hansom Cab 3 small sheets. $10.00
JTMC2 - 1/12th Hearse There are several plans for a hearse available.  This one is ornate and the plans are well detailed.  Circa 1901, 3 standard sheets.
Also see Wagonmaster and Ivan Collins
JTMC11- 1/12th Knacker's Cart  A highly decorative cart. 3 smaller sheets $10.00
JT23a - 1/8th Ledge Caravan A very elaborate gypsy caravan - it has the sides that extend out over the wheels for more room inside. 9 standard sheets plus 1 small sheet. $42.00
JT 23b - 1/12th (see above) Ledge Caravan Smaller scale. 3 standard sheets and 7 small sheets. $35.00
JTV12 - 1/8th Delivery-van  Light Delivery Van A light one horse van used by bakers, butchers and grocers for town deliveries.3 large sheets $33.00
JTM10 - 1/12th Napoleonic State Coach The plans are 19 sheets with patterns and full instructions to build the model 17 inches long. $65.00
JT63a - 1/8th Norwegian Sleigh The body is woven from cane but you could substitute with panels. 2 standard sheets. $12.00
JTMC4 - 1/8th Old Time Gig- a classic old style two wheel vehicle, set up for fast driving. 3 standard sheets. $17.00
JTMC14 - 1/12th Olympic Stanhope Gig The name came from an international horse show at Olympia in 1908. This would fit a 14.2 hands horse and could be scaled down for a pony. 2 smaller sheets $7.00
JTMC19 - 1/12th Pair Horse Char-A-Banc A practical driving vehicle.  Panels can be basket weave or plain for a more formal use. 4 smaller sheets. $12.00
JTMC10 - 1/12th Pony Cart Also called a Pony Trap. Suitable for a 13 hand cob or pony. 1894. 3 small sheets $10.00
JT53a - 1/8th Prairie Schooner Pre-civil war wagons that sailed across the prairie transporting people and goods to the west. Oxen were often used for their endurance. 4 standard sheets. $22.00
JT53b - 1/12th (see above) Prairie Schooner 4 small sheets $12.00
JTV2a  - 1/10th Exterior Reading Caravan Exterior - this is an exquisite gypsy caravan. The color photo was taken of a model made from these plans. 4 very large sheets. These plans would be more suitable for a model, $50.00
JTV2b - 1/10th Interior No photo Reading Caravan Interior- This is the only set of plans for the interior of a vehicle. 4 sheets. $26.00
JTMC15  -1/12th Rickshaw  Rickshaw A very light vehicle that you could use with a goat or small pony. $7.00
JT57a - 1/8th Roof-seat-brake Roof Seat Brake A sporting carriage with storage under the high seats for picnic tables, etc. This one was built around 1870 by Brewster of NY.  4 standard sheets. $22.00
JTGC/A3 1/12th

JTGC/B4 1/10th

JTGC/C4 1/8th

Romany-rose  Romany Rose Gypsy Caravan A superb model of a barrel-roof caravan. Available in 3 scales. $16.00



JT34a - 1/8th Royal Mail Coach. Built around 1827. It was painted in the usual livery of maroon and black with red lettering, wheels and undercarriage. This set of plans has a lot of detail. Over all length is 12 foot full size or 18 inches on an 1/8th scale. 6 Standard sheets


JT34b - 1/12th (see above) Royal Mail Coach 1/12th scale 6 small sheets


JT34c - 1/10th (see above) Royal Mail Coach 1/10th scale 6 sheets


JTMC21 - 1/12th Siamese-phaeton Siamese Phaeton A light running carriage with a boot under the real seat, suitable for a 15.2 hand horse or an attractive model. 4 small sheets.


JTM7 - 1/8th Spider-phaeton Spider Phaeton One of the most stylish types of carriages, with folding hood and side panels decorated with basket weave. Early 19th Century. 7 small sheets.


JTMC22 - 1/12th Stanhope Gig A very comfortable ride with the additional set of springs on the shafts.  3 smaller sheets $10.00
JT59a - 1/8th

Surrey This is a classic, straight-sill, auto seat surrey with the fringe on top. 3 standard sheets.


JTMC6 - 1/12th

Victoria A fashionable carriage for ladies who liked an open ride. 1897. 3 small sheets.


JTV1a - 10th

Young & Co. Brewers Dray This brewery wagon can hold 14 barrels - also shown on the plans. 2 large and 1 standard sheets


JTV1b - 1/8th (see above) Young & Co. Brewers Dray 2 large sheets & 1 standard


JTV1c - 1/12th (see above) Young & Co. Brewers Dray 3 sheets


JTMC23 - 1/12th

Large Wagonette The transverse seat is supported on skeleton leg irons giving space to stow a large luncheon basket.  Fifteen people can be seated.  Requires a pair of 16 hand horses or a four-in-hand team. 4 sheets


JTV5a - 1/8th

Light Wagonette A nice and simple to make carriage for the model maker. 9 small sheets. Learn more about this in the book "Making Model Carriages" $35 


JTMC16 - 1/12th

Plain Sided Wagonette A fairly basic passenger vehicle to sit six inside and two with the driver. It is fitted with shafts for a single horse and would make a practical carriage for commercial use. 2 standard sheets.


JTMC9 -  1/12th

Stanhope Wagonette This could carry 6 people, it has a spindle backrest and this version has a lifting half front seat.  1895. 3 small sheets.


JTMC23 - 1/12th

Wagonette with Omnibus Hood This would be the Omnibus style vehicle that would have been used to meet parties at the rail stations. There is a rack on the top for luggage and a bench seat on roof.  4 standard  sheets.

JT42a - 1/8th Whitechapel-cart 

White Chapel Cart A high two-wheel vehicle dog cart style. With the tail board down, 2 people can ride back to back. This would also be a good cart for driving a tandem. 3 standard sheets. Photo is of a model built from the plans - but these detailed enough for a full size vehicle.


JT42b - 1/12th

(see above)

White Chapel Cart 3 standard sheets


More John Thompson Plans on Page 2

More John Thompson Plans - Ploughs (Plows) on Page 3
  Prices are subject to change without notice, and pricing errors may occur. Some of these plans are now digitally reproduced and the number of sheets have changed.
Shipping and Handling- John Thompson Plans Within USA: $8.00 first set, $2.00 each additional set.   For all other addresses call or write for s/h quote.
To order books or plans you may send a check, money order or pay with Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or PayPal.  Shipping charges may be combined with other books and plans. There is NO online ordering at this time other than PayPal. 
If you would like a model vehicle but don't want to start from scratch with the plans, go to
Kits or Models

Also see plans by:  Ivan Collins, Wagonmaster, Southwest Wagon

 Stan Teitge, Borax, WindyHill Woods, Army Escort


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