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English Plows  John Thompson plans page 3

   I have several styles of the English Ploughs so I thought I would put them on a separate page to avoid confusion. Be sure to look at the other two pages of plans by John Thompson and all the other plans by other makers. See the links at the bottom of this page.
JT37A - 1/8th Ransome's "YL" Iron Plough, fully interchangeable parts this is a single furrow wheel plow. 1 large sheet $10
JT37 B - 1/12th

 See above

Ransome's "YL" Iron Plough - 1 small sheet $5
JT11A - 1/8th Sussex Swing Plow - wooden beam and iron mouldboard, 1 standard sheet with color drawing 1 standard sheet $10
JT24B - 1/12th Turnwrest Plough this has a wooden mouldboard with can be fitted on either side to throw the furrow to left or right. 1 smaller sheet $5
JT44A - 1/8th Yorkshire Wheel Plough - a heavy duty wheeled plow with wooden beam and cast iron body. 1 standard sheet $10
JT44B - 1/12th

see above

Yorkshire Wheel Plough 1 smaller sheet $5
  Shipping and handling for the plow plans only is $7 Priority or $5 for airmail to US addresses - allow $8 for out of country shipping.
More John Thompson Plans  - Page 1
More John Thompson Plans - Page 2
Also see plans by:  Ivan Collins, Wagonmaster, Southwest Wagon,
 Stan Teitge, Borax, WindyHill Woods, Army Escort

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