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Southwest Wagon and Wheel Plans

   These plans were redrawn by the Southwest Wagon & Wheel Works from the old trade journals of the Carriage Monthly. The scale is to a foot, so if you see 1" as the scale that means 1" equals a foot.

  There is some construction information, full size dimensions and  scale drawings on 8 " x 11" paper. I have taken a side view from the plans and tried to clean them up a little so they are easier to view in the picture below. S/h is $8 priority mailing to USA addresses.

SW01 Cutter 1" (3 pages) $ 5.00
SW02 Ext. Top Buggy 1"  (6 pages) $ 9.00
SW03 Elegant Canopy Surrey 3/4"  (5 pages) $ 7.50
SW04 Hansom Cab 3/4" (6 pages) $ 9.00
SW05 Sedan Brougham 3/4" (6 pages) $ 9.00
SW06 Coupe Rockaway 3/4" (6 pages) $ 9.00
SW07 Stanhope Wagonette 1" (6 pages) $ 9.00
SW08 Stylish Buckboard 1" (4 pages) $ 6.00
SW09 6 Passenger Rockaway 3/4"  (5 pages) $ 7.00
SW10 5th Wheel Business Wagon 3/4"  (7 pages) $ 9.50

S/h within USA: $8. For all other countries s/h may be $8 or call, email for quote. I combine shipping if you are ordering other plans or books.

To order books or plans you may send a US check, money order or pay with Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or PayPal.  There is no other online ordering.

See plans by:  Ivan Collins, John Thompson, Wagonmaster, Stan Teitge, Borax, Windyhill

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