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Stan Teitge

It is with great sorry I have to say - Stan Teitge has passed away. The plans he drafted are awesome for supplying the drawings and specifications to help build a full size vehicle. His wife and son have given me permission to keep Stan's plans in print. These plans are well done and of valuable resources. Thank you to the Teitge family for allowing me to print his plans.

  These may have full size dimensions but they were not intended for the novice builder. Some details may have inadvertently been left out. You should only use these plans as a guide line. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the safety, structure or completion of any vehicles made from these plans. S/h Priority is $8 for one set or $2 more for any additional set if ordering more than once set of plans at a time.
Abbott Downing Mud Wagon This set of plans include the full size vehicle specification. The Scale 1 " = 12" or 1/8th scale. Three pages of drawings 24" x 36" and 6 pages of specs.


Buckboard 2 pages of drawings 11" x 17", 1/12th scale or 1 inch = 1 foot. This was the classical type of Buckboard as seen on many of the old westerns. There are no metal springs but a notation is provided in case the builder wants to add a spring seat. 2 sheets.


Democrat 1/8th Scale - 4 pages of drawings 11" x 17" and 5 pages with full specification. 1/8th scale.


no photo Canopy Top for Democrat that can be used on the Democrat show or any similar vehicle. There are 2 sheets of drawings for a stationary top. 1/8th scale.


Heavy Delivery Wagon - Hitch wagon - 3 pages of drawings 24" x 36" and 8 pages with specifications. 1/8th scale.


Light Delivery Wagon - 4 pages of drawings 11" x 17" and 6 pages with specifications. 1/8th scale.


McLaughlin Road Wagon 1910 4 pages of drawings 11" x 17" and 6 pages with specifications. 1/8th scale.


Meadowbrook Cart 3 pages of drawings 11" x 17" and the Cart Chart to help you determine the size vehicle, wheels etc to build for  your horse's height. Scale is 1 inch to the foot or 1/12th scale.


Piano Box Buggy - 4 pages of drawings 11" x 17" and 5 pages with specification. 1/8th scale.


First Horse Drawn Pick up Truck 2 pages of drawings 24" x 36" and 5 pages with specifications. Not drawn to scale but these plans include 5 pages with full specification.


Cart Chart. This chart will help you determine the length of shafts, diameter of wheels and height of the cart seat - depending on the size equine you will be driving to it. Measurements are given in inches depending on the equines size in hands and inches.

You may enlarge this and print it out for Free or order a copy for $1.00

Shipping and Handling on these plans are $8 for the first set and $1 each additional set

To order books or plans you may send a US check, money order or pay with Credit card or paypal

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