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Ivan Collins Plans

  Wagon and carriage plans by Ivan Collins. These plans are designed for models. Sometimes they can be useful to build a full size if only as a guide line. They are not intended for Commercial use. Some are better plans than others. Inquire.
  I can get a few model Parts and Wheels.  I also have a page for Tips.
The plans below are on an 1/8th scale - 1 inches = a foot. Most of these plans are on one large single sheet unless otherwise noted.  Add $8 s/h for the first set of plans and $1 for each additional set.


Ivan  Collin's Plans

 pc100 Adams-Express Adams Express Wagon $20.00  
pc101 albany-sleigh  Albany Sleigh - 6 passenger $20.00  
PC102 Army-Escort

Army Escort, Covered Wagon, Civil War, for 6 mules - the photo used here was taken from Horse Power Days by Ivan Collins to show the vehicle type it is not actual plans.

PC103 Baggage-Transfer  Baggage and Transfer Truck - also called an Express Wagon $20.00  
PC104 Bakery-Wagon 

Bakery Wagon  -The sketch on the left was taken was taken from the plans the photo to the right was in Horse Power Days by Ivan Collins.

PC105 Bob-Sled  Bobsled, this shows only the sled runners and does not include the box or platform. $20.00  
PC106 Boiler-Wagon   Boiler Wagon  $20.00  
PC107 Break  Break (vis-a-vis) $20.00  
PC108 Brooklyn-Delivery  New York or Brooklyn Delivery Wagon $20.00  
PC109 Brougham  Brougham $20.00  
PC110 No Photo Bundle Rack $20.00  
PC111 Cannon-Limber  Civil War Cannon & Limber Now find Field Gun, Limber and Caisson Ordnance books - click here. $20.00  
PC112 Concord-Coach   Concord Coach - 4 large sheets -  28 x 36"s/h is $7 for this set $40.00  
PC113 Conestoga  Conestoga Wagon - 2 large sheets. Less quality plans than some of the others. See John Thompson's plans for a much better set of plans. $25.00  
PC126 Doctors-buggy  Doctor's Buggy is the same as the Physician's Phaeton below. This is a very nice 1" to the foot scale drawing taken from The Hub in 1884 $20.00  
PC114 Dump-Wagon   Dump Wagon $20.00  
PC116 FArm-Wagon  Farm Wagon ( Birdsell) or Mountain Wagon $20.00  
PC117 Fuel-Wagon   Fuel Wagon 1900-1928 Holman Fuel Co., Portland, OR $20.00  
PC118 No photo Garbage Wagon $20.00  
PC119 Grainbox-Wagon  Grain Box Wagon $20.00  
PC120 Hearse  Hearse $20.00  
PC121 Hose-Wagon  Hose Wagon $20.00  
PC122 Ice-Wagon  Ice Wagon $20.00  
PC123 Lumber-Wagon  Lumber Wagon $20.00  
PC124 Milk-Wagon  Milk Wagon $20.00  
PC125 Oil-Wagon  Union Oil Tank $20.00  
PC126 Physian-Phaeton  Physician's Phaeton - scale is 1" to the foot taken from The Hub 1884 $20.00  
PC127 Pleasure-Wagon   Pleasure Wagon $20.00  
PC128 Red-River  Red River Cart $20.00  
PC129 Road-Coach  Road Coach $20.00  
PC130 Rockaway  Rockaway Coup $20.00  
PC131 Roll-Off-Wagon  Roll-Off Lumber Wagon $20.00  
PC132 Sheepherder  Sheepherder's Wagon. This shows the box only and does not include the chassis or gear. One page. $20.00  
PC133 Sprinkler-Wagon   Sprinkler Wagon 1900- 1910 Studebaker Bros, Mfg Co $20.00  
PC134 Wagonette  Wagonette $20.00  
PC135 Yellowstone-Coach  Yellowstone Coach $20.00  
Vehicles-Miniature    The photos of the plans below are from the book "Historical Vehicles in Miniature, the genius of Ivan Collins" by Ron Brentano and printed by the Oregon Historical Society Press, in Portland, OR. The collection of miniature vehicles built by Ivan Collins are on display at the Historical Society in Portland, Oregon. Not all of the vehicles in the book have plans available. You may click on any of the pictures for a larger image. Historical Vehicles in Miniature, the genius of Ivan Collins, Ron Brentano. The photos below are only a few of the many included in this book. 104 pages, 9" X 9" Soft cover. Order the book for $21.95  + $8 s/h
Shipping and handling is $8 for the first set of plans and $1 each additional. There is no ON LINE ordering at this time but you can set up an account with www.paypal.com to pay on line. Use my email address books@wildhorsebooks.com to send payment. All payments must be in US Funds.
    See other plans by: John Thompson, Wagonmaster, Southwest Wagon,Stan Teitge, Borax, Windyhill Woods

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